Deepak is a self trained artist, and he mainly sketches landscapes, still life and portraits in ink, graphite and water colour as a medium. He loves painting from almost anything and everything and can identify the subject right from the shoe rack at home to old buildings, foliage, bloomed Bougainvillea on the compounds to the waiting people at railway station.

He has a very clean brush handling, and often uses the white in the base to enhance his works, which is a difficult way of hadling paints.

His creations are featured below – these are water colours on cartridge paper (click on the images for a larger view):






His near future ambition is to exhibit his creations in Bengaluru, which is one of the best places in India where fine arts in nurtured and cherished. His other passions in life are running marathons and long distance cycling. He works as a scientist at Unilever research Center in Whitefield Bangalore.