Artist Instructions

Artist Instructions

These instructions set forth the guidelines for artists to list their works on the website and its sub-domains and affiliates of CanvasLane.

The term “Work” would refer to paintings, art works or artefacts etc.

The artists will be required to submit the following to us:

o   Your full name (will be displayed on the site)

o   Your contact details – email id, phone number, complete address

o   A good photograph of yourself (will be displayed on the site)

o   A detailed profile (will be displayed on the site)

o   If you are registered under VAT, your registration details

o   Your date of birth

  •          Your works: (use format from – Work List)

o   Name of the work

o   A good picture of your work (max 10 MB per picture, ideally 1-3 MB)

o   Painting Subject (to be used for classification)

o   Size in inches (of work only, excluding framing / borders)

o   Medium used

o   Year of Creation

o   A writeup on the work, which could be why you created the work, or articulating the work details (in one case we had seen an artist defining her work through short poems). You can mention any award received on the work as well.

o   Framing status – framed / not framed. If framed, can you remove the same or no.

o   The price that you expect to get in INR (Rupees)

o   The current location of the work (which city is the work)

o   Do you wish to sell reprints of your work – Yes / No (If you specifically instruct us, only then we will put up a re-print option on your work in the digital section and link the same to your original work).

This submission can be over email, sent at or through the form provided on the website (to be enabled shortly).

Once this is received, we shall create your profile on the website (2-7 days expected turnover).

We will also email you a format for authenticity certificate / certificate of authenticity for your works. The lot nos. for each work will be assigned by us at the time of listing. When a sale is made, along with the painting, the Certificate of Authenticity will need to be printed in color on an A4 card sheet and sent to us.

By agreeing to list your works on our site, you agree to the artist Agreement of our website. You can download this from Agreement

  • If we receive incomplete information, we reserve the right to hold / reject the upload to our website.
  • In case of artists outside India, an evaluation for shipping works and for tax implications will need to be done.
  • The artist will not be expected to ship his works to us, till a buyer places an order for your work on us.
  • Once listed, the artist will need to inform us within 48 hours of the work becoming unavailable for sale through our website. This could happen due to a sale of the work elsewhere or for any other reason thereof. This is a critical clause of our agreement. A violation of this may result in removal of the artist and all his / her works from the portal.
  • CanvasLane reserves the right for classification of the work. Most of the works will be classified under either “Classy” or “Affordable” category. CanvasLane shall at its sole discretion classify a work under “Premium” or “Exclusive” categories. If you feel, that your work deserves such a classification, please submit a representation to us about why do you genuinely believe so.
  • CanvasLane reserves the right to assign a “Subject” classification, which may be near to but different from the inputs provided by you, depending on the coding structure on the website. It may ask the website developers to add additional subjects if needed at its sole discretion. One painting can be classified only under one subject.
  • A listing is expected to go live on the website in 7-14 days of its receipt, subject to completion of the other formalities – i.e. the agreement and the certificate of authenticity.
  • As an introductory offer, there are no charges for listing your works.
  • We will add a commission on your expected price, and list the same inclusive of taxes on the website. This commission will be at our sole discretion.
  • Though we do not restrict you to list your works on other portals, we will recommend that your offer price to us should not exceed 70% of the final sale price at other sources.
  • We will be running multiple campaigns to market the uploaded paintings from all artists to prospective buyers in India and abroad.
  • Once a painting is sold, the artist will need to ship the painting to our offices, and we shall ship the same to the buyer. The artist will be responsible for the costs for one shipping & insurance.
  • We will photograph the painting, when we receive it from you to create an evidence of its good status.
  • In case if our expert panel / buyer rejects the work post a physical inspection, it shall be governed by the clauses of the Artist Agreement.

Our Contact address is:

909, Maangalya Suryodaya,
Varthur Main Road,
Munnekolala, Marathalli,
Bangalore – 560037

mobile : +91 97382 13983

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