We source and sell paintings from the world over, primarily sourcing from India

Applied Arts

We provide a new hot mechanism, digital works on Canvas and other medium – A great affordable option to exclusive interiors – customized to your requirements

Personalized Memories

Your memories are precious, convert them to digital paintings on a Canvas, which is water resistance to make them last for time immemorial.

Color and Restore Memories

As a part of our services, we restore old broken / cracked photos, color black and white photos, and these become permanent memories when created on a water resistant canvas


We will shortly be adding Photography products, installation art, handicrafts and other creative works


Making creative passions a way of life – bringing a unique edge to the artists, collectors, galleries, your memories, to your interiors and commercial bodies. We at Canvaslane have closely worked on multiple fronts, online exhibitions, exhibitions at art body premises, corporate decor, personal memory preservation and more to bring to you a world of options for all your creative – artistic needs.

See our current exhibition below

Website Update

We are in the process of migrating our website platform for artworks listed on our portal to the current platform. Our structural migration is complete, and we are now migrating the artwork listings. Please bear with us for this change period. If you are interested in any artwork listed on the old sub-portal mentioned above, please email us on . We will also be rationalizing the prices and also add components for art work reproductions shortly.

You will changes and modifications to the website, for the better over the next few months. We will be introducing new features like “Featured Artists”, “Artist of the day / week”, “Special offers / offer of the day / week” and many more over a period of time.

With effect from 1st May 2016, we are discontinuing the separate subdomain “Forum”. We will not be publishing the art events from the 5 cities we used to do earlier.

Hope you enjoy the changes and patronize our efforts.

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Marathalli, Bangalore – 560037

Call us now: Ph :+91-97382 13983