Vidya believes in AREJUVINATION (PUNARNAVA). He is a D.Phil in Painting from Allahabad University, Allahabad.

He saysWhen we are in process, we find one of its elements that is called conscience (pragya). The conscience introduces us with the composition of philosophy. Composition has life in them, which create motion. This is why the increase always remains in motion. This leads to black hole them planets and satellites each later on our beautiful earth is formed.

We are born with the five elements of nature (Panchatatava) and finally we find our end in them. It means life is a changeable things for example the various stages in our life like childhood, youth and old age. In the same way changes also take place in nature for the example rising and sutting of sun. The motion moves stops we human are also its part. If we see 18th, 19th and 21st Centaury; then we find great changes. We can see changes in technology industry economic and foreign policy but the biggest change we see in the culture. Their culture is also a part of change…..

Art is the biggest destination of culture. Art has also being changed that is the seasons why Art is present in very form, whether it’s is electronics rockets are stage of play…..

Man is a social animal. He has a self analysis for everything. This leads to make these ideas stronger. We don’t want to discuss the definition of Art of here. But we want to discuss other aspects of Art.

In the present scenario we are morning away from the environment. We think of merely then what is happing around.

Science is also a part of Art. Both are interdependent with the help of science we can some our existences but we cannot preserve the sentiments of humans in laboratories, keeping all these things……”


  • 2013- UAF New Delhi.
  • 2012- UAF New Delhi.
  • 2011- 83 All India Exhibition, AIFACS New Delhi.
  • 2011- 13 All India Water colour Exhibition, AIFACS New Delhi.
  • 2011 -All India art Exhibition, Arannya Kolkata.
  • 2010- Annual Exhibition, Lalit Kala Akademi, U.P.
  • 2010 -83th Annual All India Art Exhibition AIFACS, New Delhi.
  • 2006 -19th Lokmanya Tilak All India Art Exhibition, Pune.
  • 2004 -76th Annual All India Art Exhibition AIFACS, New Delhi.


  • 2012- United Art Fair, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi
  • 2012- 5th Lucknow Film Festival
  • 3to14 June 1992…..reo de janereio.
  • 2013- Colective Energy


  • 2014- Art 507 ,Seoul
  • 2012- 5th Beijing International Binnale, China.
  • 2009- Elder Street Gallery, Houston.


  • 2011- Abstraction to contours of time, Art Heritage, New Delhi.
  • 2009- Extension of Hidden Space, India habitat Center sp. by Progressive Art,Gallery, New Delhi.
  • 2008- Extension of Hidden Space, Artists Center Mumbai.



  • 2014 – Agyat ko patra . Indore.
  • 2014 – Kala Taru , Alahabad
  • 2013-Parallel Reality, Devlaikar Art Gallary, Indore.
  • “Deconstructions” Art Heritage, New Delhi.
  • 2012-Migratory Intuition and Instinct, New Delhi.
  • 2011- Dhoomimal Art Gallery, New Delhi.
  • 2011- ARK,Pritamlal Dua Kala Vithika,Indore.
  • 2010- CIIL Mysore.
  • 2010- Progressive Art Gallery New Delhi.
  • 2008- Sixteenth Independence day Sixteenth Artist, Alliance Francis, New Delhi.
  • 2008- APICK Center Gurgaon
  • 2007 – Suruchi Heritage Hotel, Gwalior
  • 2006 – ‘Anusamriti’ Group Show Organized by ‘Ka’ Magazine of RT K Nagpur
  • 2005 – Indian Academy Of Fine Arts, Amritsar
  • 2005 – Vakatapa Art Gallery, Bangalore
  • 2004 – “Words Worth And More” Group Show Indian Habitat Center, New Delhi.


  • 2014- Narth East Painters ,Diu RKARC Lucknow
  • 2012- Kala Rang, Gwaliar
  • 2010- International Festival Of Poetry Art And Cinema, Mysore
  • 2009- Kotapoottaly Jaipur
  • 2009- National Art Festival Gwaliyar
  • 2008- National Art Festival Gwaliyar
  • 2008- National art Festival, Chitrkoot Organized by NCZCC Allahabad
  • 2007- National Art Festival Gwaliyar
  • 2006- ‘Ananya’ Kala Shivir Organized By Ka Magazine Of Allahabad University, Allahabad
  • 2006 – ‘Kala Mela’ Delegacy Allahabad University
  • 2005 – Urusvati Art Gallery New Delhi
  • 2004 – Sanskar Bharti New Delhi
  • 2003 – National Research Laboratory For Conservation of Cultural Property Lucknow.


  • 2004-2007- Teaching (Bachelor Degree & Master Degree) in Painting- Department Of fine Arts J.R.H.U. Chitrkoot. In Charge In Department Of Fine Arts J.R.H.U. Chitrkoot .

2006- Convener Regional Art Exhibition Chitrkoot By U.P. L k A

2006- Convener Regional Art Exhibition J.R.H.U. Chitrkoot .

2006- Convener Handicapped Day Art Camp J.R.H.U. Chitrkoot

2005- Convener Regional Art Exhibition J.R.H.U. Chitrkoot .



 NCZCC , Alahabad

                   WZCC , Udaypur

Regional center, Lalit kala Akademi

JRHU Chitrkoot

                   Private Collections In India & Aboard