According to Sneha for making a good creative painting it is not necessary to always work on a big concept and thought. We can also express it in simple manner. In her works, she expresses true, honest and a simple thought.

Solo Exhibition:

  • 2013- Rupabha .”Rupakar Bharat Bhavan Bbhopal”.

Group exhibition:

  • 2014- ICAC group exhibition Mumbai.
  • 2013- 86th Annual exhibition, Delhi.
  • 2014- NIVSATurday the last at NIV art canter, Delhi.
  • 2013- Art Mart exhibition Khjuraho.


  • 2014 -Veer Kavya Shah Award, ICAC, Mumbai.
  • 2011 -Coppur Madal, Varnika Ujjain.
  • 2013 -Selected for solo at Rupankar Bharat Bhavan, Bhopal.
  • 2014 -Selected in ICAC, Mumbai.
  • 2013 -Selected in AIFACS, Delhi.
  • 2013 -Select in NIV art center, Delhi.