Prachee like most youngsters, likes to draw and paint. Her life as an artist began 3 years back when she decided to take up Fine Arts, unlike others who do not take up art professionally. She mainly works with paintings. Within these 3 years of studying art she has evolved not only in her drawing and painting skills but also as a person. She tries to make art works which not only speaks to her but also connects to the society she lives in. She likes people and hence prefer painting figurative works compared to other styles. 

Her aim to paint is not just to the master the technique but to feel and connect with the subject. Her mentor once told her, “how you paint is not as important as much as what you want.” By balancing the art of memory and personal experience, she creates works that narrate a story. Her works are characterized by the use of everyday scenes connected to personal experience with alteration which plays an important role.

She has participated in a couple of group shows:

  • Group show in Stop Making Sense Exhibition
  • Group show in Bandra Exhibition