Amrita Paintal is a passionate artist that looked to art as a solace from the stress of engineering exams. She devoted her weekends and nights to painting while she worked for two decades for financial independence and to fund her travel bug and visit as many museums as possible, across the world.

The unifying feeling that Amrita’s artwork elicits is ‘spiritual’. Amrita adorns her canvasses with positive energy since she paints when she feels most close to God.

The themes she has presented are ‘Maiden Overture’, ‘Dream Come True’ and ‘Say it with Flowers’

Amrita uses a range of mediums like Acrylic, Oil, Pastels and Watercolors.

I believe one can improve any space with a work of creation that one interprets as positive energy; one that appeals to you and raises your spirits. One that you can get lost in and be found, rejuvenated.
My goal is to donate to HelpAge International.

  • Group show, Pratibimba, Rotary Club, Bangalore, 2009
  • Group Show, Art Connect, Bold Strokes, Bangalore. 2010
  • First Thursdays, Austin, Texas, 2011.
  • Live Painting, Artville, Bangalore 2012.
  • Solo Exhibition, Renaissance Art Gallery, Bangalore 2012
  • Exhibit, Bangalore Literary Fest, The Gateway Hotels, Bangalore 2012
  • Solo Exhibition, Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai 2013
  • Group Show, Cymroza Art Gallery, Mumbai 2013
  • Group Show, City Art Factory, Bogmallo Beach Resort, Goa 2013
  • Group Show, City Art Factory, Hotel Hindusthan International, Calcutta, 2013
  • Group Show, Chitrakala Parishat, Bangalore, Jan 2014
  • Group Show, Rangoli Art Gallery, Bangalore, Sep 2014
  • Group Shoe, Chitrakala Parishat, Bangalore, Sep 2014

Amrita Paintal has been painting for the past twenty-five years and has cultivated her artistic voice by keen observation, persistent practice, dedication to art and art history.

Artist Statement

“The most fulfilling aspect of every job I have held over the seventeen years of my career in IT, has been helping people. Having gained this insight, I would like to give back to the universe doing what I am passionate about – painting, writing and teaching art history.

My favorite and in my opinion, my most significant painting is titled “TIOOG – There is only one God”. Symbols of various religions like Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Eastern Philosophy and Buddhism are depicted in areas intersected by two triangles, which is also the Star of David (Jewish faith). In the center, there is the symbol of “Ek Omkar”, which means “One God” in the Gurbani script. There is also the symbol for two hearts, which stands for “Love each other”, without which belonging to any of the world religions is meaningless.

I find God’s presence in flowers that my friends bring me, or the ones that grow in my backyard, in people that I meet, in sunrises and sunsets, in the skies of Bombay, Austin, Chandigarh and Bangalore, in places of worship, and the work ethic and struggle of a laborer and a street hawker.

Art is a learning mechanism. Through artists, their life stories and experiences, I have gained an understanding of our past and the basic human need to be loved and accepted.

I love using pastels and oil paints. I am learning to use watercolors and acrylics and can’t wait to explore sculpture, metal and wood.

I now present Amrita’s medley. An uncurated collection of artworks that you can rest your eyes on.

I pledge twenty percent of all my profits to to an NGO – HelpAge International, which has been voicing the needs of the world’s rapidly aging elderly. Help Age focuses on issues of economic, physical, psychological and social dependencies affecting the elderly and helps with issues such as pensions, social inclusion and healthcare to enable them to live fulfilling lives with dignity.”